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Yes, swimming works!

I, John, went to the swimming pool in Tielt. I wanted to test how well the tapes from”

Bleu linner

” now really stick, after contact with water and if anyone would notice that I was wearing a hairpiece. Super exciting!

I was full of nerves when I went in. I looked for a changing cubicle and changed clothes. I was lucky! Only 4 swimmers present in the water. The max! :p

I started swimming quietly. Everything went smoothly and everything stayed in place nicely. Occasionally I ventured to go underwater. Of course, this was full of excitement. Fortunately, everything stayed in place beautifully. Yes I thought, so I tried more tricks in the pool. This time I wanted to jump off the springboard. Full of excitement, I stood on the springboard. I took a run, jumped down and yes my hairpiece was still perfectly in place. BUT, upon landing in the water I lost my swim trunks, HAHAHAHA!!!! I had forgotten to button the strings of my swim trunks :)!!!

After half an hour of swimming I returned to my dressing room(see photo). TIP TOP! 🙂

My mission succeeded. I can go swimming quietly with my hair system from IN FIX HAIR without worrying that someone will notice that I am wearing a hair system and that my hair system will come loose while swimming. I do have to admit that even thanks to the tapes from BLEU LINER, I would not have managed to go swimming carefree. Because the tapes are perfectly resistant to water.

Voilà, I hope my story helped you.

Happy to hear your reactions!


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