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Hergen, the plant-based hair solution

Blue Line – Energizing, invigorating treatment

The blue line is specially designed to restore the condition of dry and damaged hair. Causes may include: lots of heat treatments (straighteners, blow dryers, etc.), chemical treatments (coloring, perms).

The goal is to restore volume, elasticity and shine to the hair. Various natural proteins are used for this purpose.

Hydrolizate is the main ingredient, obtained from the fruit of the carob tree, it is rich in: Arginine, Aspartic acid and Glutamic acid. All these amino acids are essential proteins to significantly improve the condition of the hair and repair the structure of the hair fiber from within. The combination of these amino acids are added to the products because they ensure that a protective layer is formed around the hair. This gives the hair body and makes it less likely to break down. The Alpha Hydroxy Acids obtained from fruits give off a wonderful fragrance, nourish the hair and ensure getting healthier and stronger hair.


Gold Line – nourishing and restorative treatment.

Hair’s healthy condition, shine and body depends on its structure and nutrition.

The golden line is used to ensure intense hydration and nourishment from the hair core. Pharmaceutical scientists developed this line to be able to hold the correct hydration in the hair core.

The main ingredient is sweet almond. This has a double action and provides: rebuilding damaged hair cells, reviving lifeless and dull hair, moisturizing the scalp allowing better absorption of all essential nutrients. Hazelnut oil and Aloe Vera neutralize substances that prevent hair aging in the lengths. Thus, shine and vibrancy are maintained. Green tea and soy protein further nourish the hair so that it is optimally nourished. After using the golden line , hair is better protected from external influences and frizz.


Violet Line – Hair loss treatment

The Violet Line is designed to strengthen weakened hair, stimulate hair growth and prevent premature hair loosening.

The substances in the violet line guarantee a longer growth phase while delaying the resting phase. They stimulate the growth phase. Whey protein proteins and soy proteins stimulate the metabolic activities of the dermal papilla cells and guarantees the stimulation of hair growth. Menthol has a refreshing effect, stimulates scalp microcirculation and provides better oxygenation of follicular cells. The violet line stands for: nourishing the hair, stimulating growth, strengthening the hair and it combats hair loss.


Pink Line – sebum normalizing treatment

For excess sebum production, the Pink Line offers a wonderful solution. All Pink Line products contain zinc, salts and Marsh spirea (a plant in the rose family). The cooperation of these two extracts, can reduce the enzymes active and responsible for excess sebum production. Tannic acid extracts extracted from Swamp spirea cause the pores of the scalp to constrict. This constriction prevents the bacteria from accessing the cell glands.


Silver Line – Peeling treatment

Silver Line products have been developed by scientists to combat: dandruff, flaky scalp and its common irritations. The added Tea Tree oil is the main main ingredient in this line and was specifically chosen for: its antibacterial action, its strengthening effect on scalp and hair, its disinfectant action.

Other ingredients such as willow oil and cinnamon reduce irritation and help prevent flaking and itching. The strength of the silver line is in addressing dandruff where it arises and reducing irritation experienced by people with dandruff.


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