Tangle Teezer

Pain when combing your wet hair? Or do you usually comb your hair when it’s wet?

There is a lot of taboo around “combing wet hair.” Sleeping with wet hair is asking for a “bad look day” the next day. It will also create knots that will damage your hair, so better go to bed with dry hair anyway.

Very importantly: never brush your hair when wet with a regular comb. This causes your hair to break down faster. If you want to detangle it when wet, use a wide pointed comb (e.g. Tangle Teezer) and comb from the bottom up. Always use a good conditioner this facilitates combing after because this way your hair is easy to comb through.When your hair is dry you can start brushing. Also, brush from the bottom up here and don’t brush toohard, as this can cause your sebaceous glands to start working, making your hair greasy faster.
What to do in the shower? Comb your dry hair just before a
wash or brush your wet hair in the shower only while the conditioner
soaks in. For a final combing, it is better to wait until your hair is dry, then it is less likely to break off. If you really can’t wait that long, opt for a coarse comb.



Fine hair? Damaged hair?
This hair brush is specially designed for people with fine, thin or damaged hair.
Thinning hair can happen to anyone. The scare is that when you brush your hair, you will have more hair loss and it can cause pain when brushing with a regular brush.

There is a different type of Tangle Teezer for each hair type.


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