Onderhoud en benodigheden

Eyebrows exude confidence!

The make up set of Belle Madame

Eyebrows may seem small, but they can contain an awful lot of hairs: from an average of 250 hairs to as many as 1,000 per eyebrow! The brow cycle is quite short, about four months. During those four months, eyebrow hairs grow, have a resting phase and fall out again.

Belle madame template To create fuller eyebrows to create
The Eyebrow Makeup helps you apply the right shape to your skin in seconds. Moreover, the makeup remains visible for up to 24 hours, resistant to water and friction and semi permanent.
How to use.
Just remove the grease from your skin, hold the stencil in position and work with the brush in both directions. You can also vary the angle of the template. The powder takes only four to five minutes to harden; After that, the powder remains water- and sweat-resistant for twelve to twenty-four hours. The beautiful results are absolutely natural and perfectly match the desired contours.


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