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Beauty Pillow

Beauty Pillow

Is the specialist in satin pillowcases!

Beauty Pillow has become a staple in the beauty world.

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. With the busyness of the day and the increase in stress, we realize more and more that a good night’s sleep is very important to cope with the hectic pace of a new day. Sleeping on Beauty Pillow’s soft satin gives a feeling of luxury and pampering while also caring for your skin and hair. In fact, it regulates sebum production and preserves moisture for skin and hair. Moreover, it has a polishing effect. The is result is: wake up radiant and start the new day with a fresh face. That also means no more rushing through long morning rituals and therefore more time for things that are really important to you. Who wouldn’t want that? Sleep beautifully with Beauty Pillow!

Soft satin pillowcases add a sense of luxury and indulgence

Our motto is “Because you deserve the luxury of a satin pillowcase!”. Beauty Pillow has been the specialist in satin pillowcases for years. We stand for quality & service, but also for Dutch Design. Our pillowcases are produced in Dutch workshops.

By sleeping on a Beauty Pillow, you enjoy many benefits:

  • Ensures smooth skin
  • Prevents puffiness
  • Refines wrinkles
  • Combats impurities
  • Soothes fiery skin
  • Hair stays in better shape
  • Prevents split ends
  • No more tangles and lint
  • Reduces oily hair
  • Intensification of skin and hair products
  • Retention of hair and eyelash extensions
  • More beautiful result of PMU treatments
  • Works cooling
  • Is anti-allergenic against dust mites
  • In short, a must have for skin and hair
  • Difference between satin and silk

Satin from Beauty Pillow

The satin we have selected for our pillowcases is of very good quality and has no erasable coating. Stains are easily removed and the Beauty Pillow can be washed at 40°C without any problems. The white Beauty Pillow, which we particularly recommend for problems with your skin, may even be washed at 60°C. After washing, the Beauty Pillow can go into the dryer and then comes out shrink-free. However, we recommend hanging out the Beauty Pillow to make it last even longer.

The fine texture of the densely woven satin ensures that moisture is retained for skin and hair, not absorbed as with cotton, so you won’t have such a tight feeling on your face the next morning. It also regulates sebum production and has a polishing effect that keeps the skin from being roughened and allows hair to glide. Smooth skin and shiny hair is the result, without tangles and frizz. It is also nice that care products are not absorbed by the satin and can do their job for skin and hair. Finally, a nicely blow-dried hairstyle stays in shape longer, hairpieces and extensions stay in place better, hair is less likely to become greasy, sleepy creases in the face don’t get a chance, wrinkles fade, pimples and blemishes diminish and fiery red skin is given a chance to calm down.

Beauty Pillow is for everyone

Many people think that satin causes perspiration, but nothing could be further from the truth. On the contrary, it sleeps wonderfully cool. In fact, women who suffer from nighttime hot flashes and men who perspire excessively benefit greatly from using the Beauty Pillow. Children who are allergic to dust mites and pollen also benefit from the Beauty Pillow. In fact, our satin has proven to be anti-allergenic. Due to the fine fabric, dust mites and pollen have no chance to settle, unlike cotton, for example.

Different types of satin

Satin is the name of the fabric weave. It is a densely woven fabric with a smooth, shiny top. Satin can be made of cotton, polyester, viscose, silk or a mixture of these. Beauty Pillow’s satin is of completely different quality than, for example, cotton satin commonly used for bedding. The cotton has absorbency and the satin provides luster. There are also satin pillowcases in circulation that have a coating on them. However, this coating is washable and the fabric that remains after washings no longer has the properties characteristic of Beauty Pillow satin.

Difference between silk and satin

Beauty Pillow is made of a heavy quality polyester satin. Another option could be silk. In fact, essentially both have the same effect on skin and hair. Thus, they both provide radiant skin and shiny hair. However, the natural product silk is not exactly animal-friendly. In fact, it appears that the silkworm is killed after spinning its cocoon to prevent the emerging butterfly from damaging the cocoon and breaking the thread. The fact is also that silk is very expensive to purchase and is also very hard wearing. Over time, friction from the head on the pillowcase creates thin spots in the silk fabric. Stains are difficult to remove. A separate detergent is required to clean your Beauty Pillow. Therefore, Beauty Pillow’s choice to work with quality polyester satin and not silk. Our wish is for everyone to have the opportunity to affordably and hassle-free “beautiful sleep” with Beauty Pillow.


Satin pillowcases with anti-allergenic properties

Allergic to dust mites? Beauty Pillow satin pillowcases are not only good for skin and hair but also have anti-allergenic properties. The fine weave prevents dust mites from nesting in the soft satin. A wonderful night’s sleep is the result, without itchy eyes and a stuffy nose.

Reduce the symptoms of house dust mite allergy

Sneezing, watery eyes and wheezing is commonplace for people with house dust mite allergies. Many control tips can be found; think sprays, steaming and special vacuum cleaner bags. However, many of these have not been proven.

Unfortunately, you can never escape the droppings of dust mites (the allergens), but reducing them is an option. Namely, by using an anti-allergy pillowcase. On average, people sleep about 7 to 8 hours a night. Therefore, the bed is the place where millions of mites reside. The anti-allergenic effect of Beauty Pillow’s satin pillowcase stops as many as 98% of dust mites.

Scientifically proven effect of anti-allergy pillowcase

The effect of sleeping on the satin pillowcase has been scientifically proven. Thus, one suffers up to 50% less from allergy symptoms. Alternatives can be found in various price ranges, but their effectiveness is far from proven. In contrast, the effects of Beauty Pillow’s anti-allergenic pillowcases are proven.

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