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What do we find useful about a upright ?

info on tripod / stand with a round base?

own experience with this support

we have been using this in the salon for years and is super convenient to use. once you have 1 in the house you will never need another. They last a lifetime, We ourselves have never had to buy a new one. Only when we needed an extra did we take one. Ours currently last at least 10 years and are used every day we find them super good quality.
some more benefits that we have experienced over the years.
Because of the round leg you can easily go around it , before this we also had one with a 3 pickle leg experience has shown that this support often went flying or that we ourselves tripped over it , our hairdryer’s cable then got stuck , you get the only advantage it had is that it was smaller to store. only there now it is still in the corner catching dust 🙂
The support is very stable due to the round leg cables do not get stuck on it and it fits a perfect head to place your hair work / hair extension / wig on.
You can easily place your hairpiece/wig on it after washing and let it dry. On air natural for synthetic hair.
But you can easily dry real hair with the hair dryer and brush it into shape so it’s ready to use. along with this soft bald buy and use can head pins you can keep your hair work/wig nicely in place make sure they are fine head pins e.g. sewing head pins.
Also by that you can control the height you don’t have to go through the back. you can stay nice and straight. healthy posture is important for yourself. And if you do this often, I can only recommend it. has already helped me a lot
Also, can move it easily because of the fact that it is super light.

less benefit.
You can’t store it like a 3 pikkel. If you wish to store it and it should not be left standing you must loosen the foot. Is only 1 screw though but it’s more wake up than stowing a 3 pickle.
which some don’t like.
other non benefits I don’t know right away if you know of any please feel free to let me know so we can help each other out.

from now on we are going to bring new life to the blog so we can help each other move forward.
We may be there for each other do you have questions for me feel free to ask them we have over 10 years experience n the profession now.
We wish to share our knowledge with each of you.

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